Tweetable plugin for Wordpress v2

Tweetable plugin for wordpress allows you to make sentence as a quick sharing tweet. Select some text in your wordpress post editor and simply click on the tweetable shortcode button in the wordpress editor toolbar. Induce people to tweet your words !

This is a simple tweet sentence! But you can set an alternate content. You can add a link like HANDYPRESS ( on CodeCanyon, click it and look, the link is shortened in the tweet! Enjoy, and share! Thanks.

Select text and click Tweetable button

The Tweetable editor button add shortcode in your content to convert sentence as a quick sharing tweet link!

Click sentence to share!

On click, tweetable link open an autocomplete twitter sharing window.

Add @via information

Add your twitter username at the end of the tweetable sentence

Add a short URL of the post

Use to add a short URL of the current post in the shared tweet.

Customize the tweet link

Use a simple css editor to customize your tweetable link